JK Fochs and Associates

While an attorney is the legal expert, the CLNC is the expert on the health care system and the inner workings of the medical arena. Understandably, dealing with a lot of medical records can be overwhelming but medical records are the working blueprint for all medical professionals and CLNC's who are professionally familiar with hand-written paper medical records, and electronic medical records.

We screen medical cases for merit, identify deviations from standards of care, detect tampering of medical records, assist with discovery by preparing interrogatories and request for production, assess injuries and identify causation issues, prepare questions for deposition or trial examination, locate best medical expert witnesses to strengthen credibility of case, develop reports and chronologies to highlight significant medical events for case analysis, attend Independent Medical Examinations (IME) and report findings, research medical/nursing literature and applicable standards of care.

Customer satisfaction is our cornerstone. If you are not satisfied with work product, we shall make changes without charge!

Cases handled by Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

  • Medical and nursing malpractice cases. Involving professional negligence of healthcare provider or negligence of healthcare facility.
  • Workers' compensation and workplace injury cases.  Job-related injuries occurring out of and in course of employment.
  • Criminal cases. Any act that society has deemed contrary to the public good because the act is injurious to all of society and violates community peace and tranquility. DWI/DUI, abuse cases, Medicaid/Medicare fraud and abuse, sexual and physical assault, possession of narcotics.
  • Any case where health, illness, or injury is an issue.  Americans with Disabilities Act, family law custody battles, probate, school health, employer-employee relationships, sexual harassment, home care, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, abuse cases, medical billing, insurance issues, behavior of health care provider in relation to patient care, or facility relations.
  • General personal injury cases. Involving dog bites, sport injuries, water accidents, theme park injuries, auto accidents, aviation accidents, railroad injuries, premises liability.
  • Products liability cases. Involving liability of manufacturers and sellers of product to buyers, users and bystanders who allege damages or injuries due to a defective product. Medical, non-medical devices, and drug-related cases.
  • Toxic torts and environmental cases. Involving alleged damages or injuries resulting from release of toxins into environment. Wrongful adoption, Social Security benefit issues, oil spills.